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10 August 2011

Teach a Child at the Ministry of Education.

Teach a Child had a meeting with Mr. Fadi Yarak the director general of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. During our discussion, Mr. Yarak gave us an overview of the education sector in Lebanon. We have 1,300 public schools operating in Lebanon. He explained that although 98% of Lebanese children start school, they usually drop out in 3d and 4th grade. The ministry does not have any statistics regarding illiteracy in Lebanon. He anticipates that because Eid el Fitr is just before the start of the school year, many parents will not have enough money to register their children in school and the need for financial help will be greater this year. On our part, we explained that our organization provides financial support to pay for all expenses needed to register students and keep them in school. Regarding the new compulsory education law, we voiced our concern that there is still no clear way to implement it. The law didn't specify how to enforce it and there are no implementation decrees that penalize parents for not sending their children to school, plus how this law will affect street children. The meeting ended with an agreement on additional future meetings and collaboration.