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Zaina Souaid

Zaina Souaid is Teach A Child's Treasurer. Born Al-Boulbol in Germany, she is married to Karim Souaid and has three children. She studied at the European Business School in Paris where she earned her BA in Management and then at the European Business School in London and Munich for her Masters in Finance. When she married she had moved back to Beirut and was a co-founder and Head of Admin and Finance for BAUHOF Lebanon, a contracting company specializing in the restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings, during 12 years. Very much involved in the education of her children she was during 6 years an active member of the CPF’s parents’ committee as the delegate of the Security, Hygiene & Civic Education Committee. During this time, she also studied online with Oxford University and earned a BA in History of Art. Whilst not very tech savvy, she prefers the direct and hands-on approach to raise awareness to the right of children to have an education, through forums, schools & university visits and niche oriented events.