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Executive Board

Zeina El Khalil

Zeina El Khalil is President and co-founder of Teach A Child. Born Zeina Melhem Jaber, she is married to Imad Anwar El Khalil and has four daughters: Lama, Racha, Tala and Yara. in 2018, Zeina graduated from Harvard Business School after completing the Senior Executive Leadership program. As an undergraduate she studied...

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Lina Assaf
Vice President

Lina Assaf is vice-president and one of the co-founders of Teach A Child. Lina is married and has three children. She studied at the Lebanese American University and earned her Bachelor's degree in Sciences. While raising her children, she continued studying for a master’s degree in education...

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Zaina Souaid
Treasurer and Head of the Awareness Committee

Zaina Souaid is the Head of the Awareness Committee. Born Al-Boulbol in Germany, she is married to Karim Souaid and has three children. She studied at the European Business School in Paris where she earned her BA in Management..

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Nayla Bassil


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Ghada Abou Alwan Atallah
Head of Social Welfare Committee

Ghada Abou Alwan Atallah is co-founder of Teach A Child and head of the Social welfare committee. She is maried to Raja Atallah and has three children. Ghada is a judge: Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon. She studied Computer Science at the American University of Beirut before she moved with her husband to live in Dubai for seven years. Once...

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Yasmine Ariss
Head of International Events Committee

Head of International Events

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Christine Ayad Daher
Head of Fundraising Committee

Christine Ayad Daher is the Head of the Fundraising Committee. She is married to Said Ghaleb Daher and has three children Celine, Malek & Sabine. Christine studied Graphic Design at Lebanese American University. She worked as a freelancer. After marriage, she continued her work while raising her three children. Christine is a...

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Maya Es-Said
Head of Communication and Media Committee

Maya Es-Said born Maya Ghassan Saad heads the Communication Media committee. Maya graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Master’s degree in Business Administration..

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Dalia Kalo
Head of the International Fundraising Committee

Dalia Kalo is Head of the International Fundraising Committee. Born Dalia Moufid Farra, she is married to Hisham kalo and has 3 children. She studied at the American University of Paris and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business. Growing up she lived in Riyadh, Paris and Montreal...

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Amal Kombarji
Head of Events Committee

Head of Events Committee

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Maha Makki
Head of the Research and Learning Committee

Maha is currently managing The MasterCard Foundation University Education Scholarships Program at the Faculty of Health Sciences, American University of Beirut. She has extensive experience in several school settings in Lebanon and the Arab countries where she held teaching, administrative, as well as advisory posts. Her academic background spans...

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Christine Salamé
Head of Legal Committee

Head of Legal Committee

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General Assembly

  • Amna Choucair

  • Jennifer Sarraf Younan

  • Lama El-Khalil

  • Lama Tabbara

  • Lena Dandan

  • Ghyda Halwany

  • Hiba Nesr

  • Maha Shair