• 11 April 2017

    Teach a Child on Future TV News

    Future TV News featuring Teach a Child fundraising event.

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  • 26 January 2015

    HSBC Donation

    It is with great appreciation that we receive, for the 3rd consecutive year, the yearly donation from HSBC Bank. Teach a Child is greatful for the trust and support of HSBC...

  • 20 February 2015

    Teach A Child at Al Bustan Festival

    Amazing performance for Teach a Child event at Al Bustan festival. Thank you all for your support.


    01 January 2015

    "Small Bear Big Heart" Campaign - ABC Team

    With all its heart, Teach A Child Organization is thankful for ABC Team’s Campaign “Small Bear Big Heart” which will help enroll around a 100 under...

  • 20 August 2014

    Meeting with H.E. Minister Derbas

    Teach a Child representatives Zeina El Khalil, Ghada Atallah, Maha Makki and Tala Saad had a fruitful meeting today with H.E. Minister Rashid Derbas at the Ministry of Social...

  • 19 February 2019



  • 05 June 2014

    meeting with HE Minister Bou Saab

    Today, Teach a Child Zeina El Khalil, Hiba Nesr, Maya Essaud and tala Saad met with H.E. minister Elias Bou Saab at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The...

  • 31 May 2014

    Football Tournament at CPF

    The 7th graders at College Protestant Francais organised a sports tournament to raise funds for Teach a Child. The experience created a natural bond between the students while...

  • 04 May 2014

    Women Marathon 2014

    Teach a Child was present at the Women Marathon 2014. Runners were dancing while passing next to Teach a Child's Zumba cheering station.

  • 03 April 2014

    Youth Awareness at IC

    IC students grade TES2 held a fundraising bake sale in benefit of Teach a Child. The money collected will go towards Teach a Child Fundraising Campaign 2014/2015 and used to...

  • 04 February 2014

    Youth Awareness at CPF

    Our Youth Awarness Campaign with a lecture given by Maya Essaid to CPF students. The students were very touched by TAC's mission and decided to hold a cake sale. The proceeds...

  • 10 November 2013

    Beirut Marathon 2013

    More than 200 runners ran for Teach a Child at the 11th Beirut Marathon. 

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  • 23 September 2013

    Back to school 2013

    We are very busy visiting schools all over Lebanon. Teach a Child students are happy to be back and are ready to start the new year. 

  • 24 April 2013

    Second fundraising event at Mandaloun nightclub

    In a joyful atmosphere Teach a Child held its second fundraising event on Wednesday April 24, 2013. Friends and supporters gathered at Mandaloun Club to renew their commitment...

  • 20 March 2013

    Teach a Child at AUB

    On March 20, 2013, Teach a Child held an awarness campaign at the American University of Beirut. Students wanted to support our cause through donation and many offered to work...

  • 11 November 2012

    BLOM Beirut Marathon 2012.

    Teach a Child participated in the tenth edition of BLOM Beirut Marathon. Our supporters of all ages wanted to "Run for Education". Our team ran the 10K Fun Run Marathon in...

  • 15 October 2012

    School Visits 2012-2013

    In 2012, with the generous support of those who believe in our mission, Teach a Child exceeded its target. We were able to enroll a total of 407 students, including the 105...

  • 01 October 2012

    Teach a Child at Dunkin Donuts

    Teach a Child boxes were placed in 23 Donkin Donuts division all over Lebanon. Supporters were able to give in donatios of all sizes to our cause. thank you to Dunkin Donuts and...

  • 20 June 2012

    First Fundraising event at Iris Beach, Damour.

    On June 20, 2012, Teach a Child held its first fundraising event at Iris Beach Club, Damour. In a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, attendees enjoyed the food and lively music...

  • 04 April 2012

    Youth Awareness Campaign at Sabis.

    Generosity goes a long way at SABIS® International School - Adma. Mere children reaching out to help other children gain access to their wildest dreams through education...

  • 04 April 2012

    Teach a Child at the AUB Civic and Volunteering Fair 2012

    Teach a Child participated in the "AUB Civic and Volunteering Fair 2012" alongside other NGOs. We were able to spread Teach a Child's vision and display our activities. We...

  • 22 March 2012

    Youth Awareness Campaign at IC.

    Our Youth Fudraising Campaign continued at International College on March 22nd. Students came to school ready to engage and support our cause. They were very proud to "Donate...

  • 21 March 2012

    Youth Awareness Campaign at AUB.

    Our Youth Fundraising Campaign was launched at the American University of Beirut on Wednesday March 21st. We had a lot of paricipation from AUB students who were very interested...

  • 06 January 2012

    Teach a Child visits the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities.

    Teach a Child's Zeina El Khalil, Ghada Atallah and Yasmine Ariss had a meeting with HE General Marwan Charbel at the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities. Mrs Zeina El...

  • 23 January 2012

    Teach a Child at the Higher Council for Childhood.

    Mrs Zeina El Khalil, with Mrs Lina Assaf and Mrs Ghada Abou Alwan Attallah had a meeting with Dr. Elie Mikhael, the General Secretary of The Higher Council for Childhood, at the...

  • 16 January 2012

    Teach a Child meets the Minister of Social welfare.

    Mrs Zeina El Khalil, Mrs Ghada Abou Alwan Attallah, Mrs Tala Saad and Mrs Maha Sayegh had a meeting with Minister Wael Abou Faour at the Ministry of Social...

  • 31 December 2011

    Teach A Child Gift Boxes.

    On the occasion of the New Year, Teach a Child prepared a gift box for each of the frontal...

  • 15 November 2011

    Teach a Child meets the Minister of Education and Higher education.

    Teach a Child held a meeting with HE Minister Diab, at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in the presence of the Mr. Fadi Yarak, the director general.


  • 27 November 2011

    BLOM Beirut Marathon 2011.

    Teach a Child participated in the ninth edition of BLOM Beirut Marathon 2011. More than 32,000 runners from more than 80 countries participated in the full slate events. Many...

  • 10 November 2011

    Teach a Child visits Depute Bahia Hariri.

    Mrs Zeina El Khalil, Mrs Nadine Bissat Irani and Mrs Maha Makki visited HE Mrs Bahia Hariri. Her Excellency gave us an overview of what was achieved in the parliament in the...

  • 15 October 2011

    Teach a Child all over Lebanon

    These are the areas where Teach a Child made a difference. 


  • 10 August 2011

    Teach a Child at the Ministry of Education.

    Teach a Child had a meeting with Mr. Fadi Yarak the director general of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

    During our discussion, Mr. Yarak gave us an...